What Once Was

by The Lost Souls

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This is The Lost Souls' debut album in which we appreciate the past to shape a new sound. Take a trip from visions of ignited romance to desolate euphoria in 10 original groovy, garage bangers.


released November 28, 2016

Heino - Bass, Vocals & Backing Vocals
Chris - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Theunie - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mel - Organ
PJ - Drums

Photo: Grant Payne
Artwork: Luke Canon

All songs and lyrics written by Heino Retief. All songs performed and recorded live at Phantom Sound by The Lost Souls over the weekend of 16 and 17 July 2016. Mixed and Mastered by Phil Kramer.



all rights reserved


The Lost Souls Cape Town, South Africa

Creeping from the shadows, The Lost Souls have risen to take garage rock back to the grave. Calling up the forgotten names, the unknowns and the outcasts to show the way – they channel the spirit of ’65 to bring you a fuzzed out psychedelic freakbeat. They are the loves you never had, the smiles you always frowned and the sound you never heard. ... more

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Track Name: All I Have
I haven't been sleeping, but I've been dreaming
About a better time when you were around

I see you when you're not there, I hear you when the silence blares
Your name is whispered with my every prayer

I'll draw a circle around every promise I made
So it remains unbroken because so much is at stake
And I won't back down, no my love will not fade
Because it's all I have to give at the end of the day

I'm wandering all alone, been searching for my soul
And I don't think I'll ever make it home

Remember when you said "I love you" or was it in my head?
Well, it's not easy living like you're dead
Track Name: Weeping Willow
I had a vision by the willow tree
In the garden I made for you and me

Colours surrounded in shapes so clear
I could've sworn that you were there
I reached out to caress your skin
And run my fingers through your hair

But you were gone, and I was out there on my own
I tried to feel, but my heart had turned to stone

Heartless I walk, soulless I cry
These days just seem to pass me by

I moved past a million faces
Looking for your smile
With every step I take
I vow to add another mile

Until you are there and I'm drawn into your stare
An ignited vision enchanted by your flair
Track Name: What Once Was
I tried so hard to let you go
But what I have to forget, is all I know

So I retrace my steps towards days gone by
I'm moving into the past to find the reason why

My soul is purged by a consuming fire
Since my heart fell for frivolous desire
My thoughts are scattered in the residue
Of what once was only me and you

Now it's late at night and I'm all alone
With my head in my hands and so much left to atone for
Track Name: Baby, I'm Not The One For You
Your eyes tell me all I need to know
Who you were with when you said you were alone
There's no need for words for what I have to say
Because not even your smile will keep me from walking away

Baby, I'm not the one for you
You treat me like I don't have a clue
Baby, I'm not the one for you
You already gone and found somebody new

Apple of my eye, your beauty is poisonous
Whoever falls for you will fall under your curse
I have always known you were more than a pretty face
You have that evil mind to construct deceitful ways
Track Name: On The Run
The heartless who dwell among us
Once cared and gave to much
Because when love's returned lightly, you get stuck in a rut

That's why it's easy to hate you, baby
Because I gave you my all - now I'm the one acting crazy?
But when the good is gone there's nothing left to save me

So I let you be, you can do what you want
Because it seems to me that our time is done
And when you call my name, baby I'll be on the run

Yeah, I'll be on the run and I'm never coming back
You can say goodbye, girl, to what we used to have
Track Name: Searching (For Your Light)
I spent my life looking for a girl like you
But what I found kept me searching for something new
Is there a way of knowing you really exist?
Because I'd take you into my arms - how could I resist?

Searching for your light
Searching for your light through ever crack
Searching for your light
To the other side of the world and back

A million loves could never stand to compare
And I won't feel a thing until I see you there
If I could somehow let you hear my plea
Baby, you'd understand that you're the one for me
Track Name: My Girl
When she looks into my eyes
It's like I'm taking my first breath of life
I must be the envy of jealous men
Because I found a love that'll never end
People can't help to stop and stare
She must be the answer to all their prayers
Because a girl like her is hard to find
And when she leaves, she stays on your mind

She's my girl

Am I awake or is this a dream?
She has perfection bursting at the seams
To hypnotize she has no need to try
Well, I can't explain and she's the reason why
Because she never goes out of her way to impress
Honestly, I don't think she could care any less
I never knew a girl like this before
And when you meet her you will certainly fall for my girl

Let me tell you about my girl
Track Name: She Walks By
There she goes, can't help to notice
The way she moves is like she knows this
When she walks by

Blinding light, beauty ignited
She'll never be mine, I am reminded
When she walks by

I'm just trying to save myself from drowning in her eyes
While her beauty drags me down, until I'm paralyzed

Here she comes, I'm so excited
Although I know it's best that I should hide it
When she walks by
Track Name: End Of Me
You try so hard to put me down
Honey, I guess it's out of bounds
Because I've been moving, yeah I've been around
And when you need me, I won't be found at all

You will wake up and find I'm gone
"You're gonna miss me" when you hear that song
And think about how you treated me wrong
Then realise I no longer belong to you

I am walking on my own again
I have nothing left to defend
Don't ask me to change, because I've been spent
And I won't stop until I reached the end of me